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ganesh 3

Digital painting thru Mypaint tool

for the first time Im going to try same on Canvas...wish me for  the best :)


His style and strokes are different...... its either aggression of horses  or embellishment of Gajagaamini......
He awarded with  Padma Bhushan,Vibhushan..... but unfortunate ...received "Dhooshan" (curse) too...
remembering  MF Husain for his "right" works ... 


remembering legendary singer  M.S.Subbulaxmi on her birthday ....

Doo Doo basavanna

a traditional decorated bull particularly in Andhrapradesh at the time of sankranti
inspired by photo by shri Kandukuri Ramesh babu

Nimajjanam..the procession of immersion

A pencil graphic drawn nearly 12 years back...now refreshed with colours with my paint tool 
inspired by the procession of ganapati immersion near tank-bund hyderabad... 

Eco ganesh

No Mooshikaa...I cant even enter the place where every thing is artificial and polluted.