wanna frisk in my blog?


I am mentioning about the Tyres ...they worked for momentum in past  as well here doing a prevention job

peeping steeple

a church steeple view from a window - kanyakumari

waiting for the betterment

A nandi on compound of padma teertha (lotus Pond) near famous "padmanabha"temple.Nandi condition  also just like the temple management and maintenance...need a deep revamp... 

Stunts of Half-Pints

Spect'acular Sunset

A view of sunset through Spectacles -Feat.Jayaseelan -Kovalam beach 

Rays of Hope

Rays of Evening sun setting on arabian sea-Kovalam beach

Window to the Wisdom

133ft Statue of  thiruvalluvar -Tamil poet/philosopher  at the Cape Comerin-Kanya Kumari 

Knocking the Rock

Waves Knocking Vivekananda Rock_Kanyakumari 

King and Fishing

A Race fusca waiting for its prey _ kovalam Beach

Saga of an Incomplete sketch

Paper Medium and Pencil


A fresh and innocent smileys  ...

Welcoming "vasantam"

Banana groves welcoming to seasoned sunny Spring ...

sparkling fire-cracker flower..

a bright lovely Kanakaambaram or priyadarsha flower

The Reputed Stigma !!

"stigma" of  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis   flower...

A show of bryophytes

Dried Moss on a coconut tree at dawn -Kovalam

punch effect

 an effective morning sun giving a hot punch to coconut tree :) 

the beach side peafowl

peacock sighted @ beach side- Kovalam