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Ek Garam chai ki pyale ho....

A granny enjoying a hot sip of "Chai"  :))
ఎ.. చాయ్ చటుక్కున తాగరా భాయి...అంటూ గుటుక్కున చాయ్ ని ఆస్వాదిస్తున్న బామ్మ గారు 

the messenger...

You can see the Daasanjaneya sculptured on a rock..and he is bearing a garland of chits...belief is that he will convey requests to his lord...:) @tirumala -walk way

Kits of Hopes

ఆశల  మూటలు...
pilgrims tied request kits to the trees on way to Tirumala walk way.

the insider

People doing decoration of chariots looking to pilgrims pass on -Udupi  Krishna temple


Statues on west Gobble of Chatrapati shivaji terminus ... represents Engineering(left),Agriculture(middle) and Shipping/commerce (right)

The churning story..

a carving on a chariot of Krishna in Udipi-2010